Image Conversion Services

We can convert your images and data for the times when you need to produce them to others, for special projects or to import into your system as new data or allowing you to upgrade to new software.

We can convert image files to or from tiff, pdf, jpeg, bmp, png, DICOM and many others. We can also convert electronic originals such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint files and other electronic formats. We can also capture the contents and meta data of the electronic originals into txt files, pdfs or database fields, eliminating the need for OCR.

What about emails? Stored in a PST or NSF file, .eml or .msg files? Not a problem. We can produce electronic blowbacks, converting to images or extracting the data from any of these files and import them to your database.

Even when the files are all on one disk, jumbled about, we can produce electronic blowbacks in the order you want, by date, by catagory even based on indexing or metadata.

Taking the raw images or data along with the folder structure, file names and any index, database or load files allows up to provide custom data captures which will quickly identifes what file you are looking at, where it came from, which disk, what folder it came from or other information you might need.