Document Imaging

Who Needs It?


Utilizing our high speed scanners we are able to feed your original documents (even documents in poor condition) maintaining document, folder, binder and box structure with custom barcodes. We can make up to 6 data captures or programmatic file handling decisions per barcode sheet. This allows us to scan a certain page in color or match documents to your existing data on the fly.

Our scanners are rated for scanning 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The only downtime in a day is the scheduled cleaning at the end of each 8 hour shift. I guess that is only 23 hours and 45 minutes of scanning per day. As the first installation of this type scanner in the scan for pay market, we have revolutionized the throughput, capabilities and quality available to our customers.


Every job must complete each level of our staging system including a detailed requirements analysis, original identification and ordering, document preparation, scanning, processing, numbering, indexing, exporting or conversion, rigorous quality assurance, OCR (if required), reassembly of originals (if required), final import or integration with customers software. By following our proven methodology, DIG implements the exact solution to meet each individual client's needs. We know what to do with your images and data.