Repository Services

We will take possession of a document collection and handle the production to all the parties involved in the matter. Once they are scanned, OCRed, indexed and numbered each party can order the documents in the format they need I.E. Caselogistix, Summation, Concordance or a custom data load file and image file structure. We handle the distribution, billing shipping, everything.

Once the originals are scanned, the originals may be returned to their owners and the document collection can be added to as more documents come in. Updates can be provided to the participants as they are completed.

We host many document collections as a court ordered repository. Some are public records and can be viewed on line, either in index only or complete with images. If you are involved with multi-district litigation or litigation with a large number of plaintiffs and / or defendants, we can make your life easier and documents available to whoever and where ever you like.